1. What is the purpose of this platform created?
    We would like to gather as many local food vendors from the home kitchen to the established restaurant under one roof, where you the buyer can effortlessly browse and order your favorite meals online via PC or phone, without the need for mobile app download first

    2. What can I buy in here?
    We offer you a myriad of ready to eat cuisines from various style such as Malay cuisine, Thai dishes, Mamak menus to the Western fusion meals. Also, we offer fresh market goods such as chicken, meat, fish, frozen food and vegetables, all were sold by our merchants here

    3. Can I get a HALAL food in here?
    Yes! We only allow HALAL food to be listed here, For more information, all the merchant's details such as owner name, phone number, and address details were accessible on their profile page. Note that the accuracy currently can't be determined unless the Verified Seller who has the green tick badge on their name

    4. I'm interested to try selling some of my cooking here, Are there any requirements?
    It must be HALAL compliant, all your cooking must be free from pork and alcohol, while pork-free meals are still deemed NOT adequate enough for our standard here. SSM registration is optional. You can submit your menu listing for FREE here 

    5. Who can use this platform, to sell and buy in here?
    Basically, For all Malaysian and perhaps one from Brunei and Singapore, since we're very close neighbors

    6. Do you offer any delivery services for the food that I ordered here?
    No, currently we do not offer any since all the delivery will be made by the merchant side itself, or you can self pick-up

    7. I just saw an ad that seems to be inappropriate in here, What should I do?
    Don't worry, just simply click the report button that you can see on every side of the ads displayed here, to inform the moderator as soonest possible

    8. Do I need to pay any fees or transaction charges?
    No, there's 0% fees or charges forever in here, you got 100% of your payment directly from the buyer into your own pocket bank

    9. I don't want to call the Seller directly before I'm being assured to make a purchase, Is there anything I can do here?
    You can click the Chat button, to initiate the anonymous discussion with the Seller directly in real-time. Use this as a deal records too

    10. I saw the Posting Points on the Ads submission page, what is that all about? Isn't should be free in here?
    Basically, you never need a posting point to submit your menu ads in here, it's free for 7 days and renewable for free again, it just that you need to republish your ads again after 7 days, just with a few simple clicks

    Points are needed to boost your free ads promotion, it can be your ads were listed on the top rank of the buyer-searched results page, or a big image slideshow on the front page for more exposure, ultimately, you can publish your ads up to 3 months time period

    Every registered Seller/Merchant will automatically receive a non-expiry 1000 points for them to use for FREE

    Periodically, We will give out a free point via coupon code via email that you need to redeem manually, just 3 clicks actually :)

    This is to ensure that the merchants are always active in using this platform and ultimately, keep their product prices updated

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    Nikmati masakan enak resepi istana dizaman silam
    Nikmati masakan enak resepi istana dizaman silam
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    Nikmati masakan enak resepi istana dizaman silam
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